Allison Tomlinson


This Committee provides guidance to the Board of Directors regarding matters involving the Institute and Chapter By-Laws.

Chair Responsibilities:

  • Must be familiar it the Institute and Chapter By-Laws, the Certificate of Incorporation, and the Institute Policy.  In addition, the chairman should seek the advice of the Institute Director to be certain that all amendments to the Chapter By-Laws comply with the objectives of the Institute.
  • Ensure that the minimum requirements set forth in the Institute’s Model Chapter By-Laws are included in the Chapter By-Laws.
  • Prepare amendments to the Chapter By-Laws, as directed by chapter board, in keeping with amendments to the Institute By-Laws.
  • Submit all proposed amendments to the Chapter Board for approval prior to submission to the Institute secretary.  (Chapter amendments are not official until approved by the Institute secretary).
  • Prepare resolutions for Chapter and Institute action.