To all 2018-2019 Members,

 As I reflect on my 30 plus years in CSI I wonder why aren’t more people joining or staying members?  I’ve seen a number of names go on and off the membership list without being able to match a face to the name.  Now I know it’s hard to match up this kind of information if you only see someone once or twice (or never at all) so how do I fix that?  What I’d ask is for everyone who is a member to attend at least two events (either meetings or social events), look for me, introduce yourself & give me a business card.  Maybe I’ll even take a selfie to help me remember you. 

Now why would I want to do this?  I’ve met a lot of people through CSI both locally, regionally and nationally.  Some in passing and some who have become lifelong friends.  You never know when you may need to reach out to someone for advice or assistance with an introduction so make friends whenever you can and use CSI as a place to do that.

If you’re a member or not try asking yourself these questions:

·         Who do I know at the chapter?

·         Who can I contact at the chapter?

·         Where are we meeting this month?

·         When is Holiday Gathering & End of Year Awards Dinner

·         Where are the Golf Outing & other social events

If you can’t make it to one of our events let me know why so the chapter can become more flexible to meet your needs.  Send me an email ( or give me a call (516-236-6779) because without your feedback we’ll never know what we need to do.

Summer’s almost over so put September 12th on your calendar and look for me at our first meeting of Fiscal Year 2019.


Kenneth Raikowski, ASSAA ABLOY

To all 2017-2018 Board Members,

I come into the second term of my Presidency of the CSI Metro NY Chapter with a sense of excitement that our Chapter this year will excel and grow. Our Chapter has new engaging boardmembers who will bringing new energy and ideas that allow this Chapter to flourish. This will include engaging discussions at Chapter Meetings on key topics that are vital in the day in and day out lives of all CSI Members. The above together with the engaging programs that will be  developed by Tom Lanzelotti and his committee; along with planning visits new recently completed projects that will allow our member to see the built environments of our Chapter members this is all a positive direction.

I am excited with our new 2017-2018 Board; as we have engaging young members such as Divya Gupta, Renee Pecquex, Tali Chese, Jeremy Douglas and Dan Redy that can bring new and fresh ideas to our Chapter. We also have returning members, such as Ken, Allison, Bill, Tom and Taso that bring knowledge and experiences that will guide our younger board members. It is my intention, despite my daily management duties as an Architect, to do my best to instill continuous communication with all board members to ensure that our Chapter Committee Chairs get our support, to be able to provide our Chapter members with engaging/ and knowledgeable experiences at all CSI events this year. At the August meetings, our VP's Allison and Ken, have divided up the Committee's so that each of the VP's should be should engaging with the Committee Chairs on a monthly basis to ensure that all committees are doing their part for our Chapter.

I started this letter with "I", but the intention is that I mean, we as a TEAM. This chapter can only achieve our goals as a team. The communication is key, and we all have buy schedules. This will work as we will all participate and assist each other is the fiscal year of 2017-2018 of the Metro NY Chapter. We can then carry this momentum to future Boards.

Increase Communication:

This communication goal will start with the improvement of our C51 Metro NY website, to allow our Chapter to engage better with the design community, the Construction community, specification writers and all of product representatives. That together with internal focus from each of the BoardMembers and Committee Chairs to improve the information that was developed in the 2015 C51 Metro NY Chapter Binder. This together with our Committee Chair, Gina Cali, who has finally through a new member, Han-Hui Ling from Henry Company, will be getting assistance is communicating all the details on upcoming Chapter Meetings and C51 Metro events through all our social media as well at our current Meet Up account. Our chapter will also be looking to improve/ test the beta system of Constant Contact at the beginning of 2018.

The unfortunate event where C51 Metro NY lost a dear friend and Board Member in Steve Merrill created and tough communications year with Margaret Matz, stepping in to try to be Secretary of the Chapter, while being the Committee Chair of the Emerging Professional! Education Committee.

This upcoming year Renee, a CSI Member, has stepped up and engaging since July of this year in developing in the role of Secretary and being able to provide out Board and Committee Chairs will all the meeting minutes and committee reports in a structured way like the way Steve managed the position. However, and as I stated previously, this is not an "I" but a team. Committee Chairs should be sending in their reports at the beginning of each month, so that Renee can together with the Meeting Minutes of the previous Board Meeting, can be sending out all the documents at least 7-10 days prior to the meeting so our Board can review prior to the upcoming Board Meeting. I am requesting that all Committee Chairs try to adhere to this request which note require Renee to chase for the reports. Team Work is what we need in 2017-2018 to make the Chapter one of the best in the nation.

Divya, a new CSI Member, has also stepped up to replace Tom Scriven as the new Treasurer for the Chapter. Tom, a seasoned veteran, in being Treasurer for the last three years, took Divya under his wing to give her the best opportunity to succeed in going through all the information he acquired while he was the treasurer. That is Team Work, thanks Tom and welcome Divya.

Bill Dubois/ Tom Lanzelotti, board on the NE Region of CSI, needed to step down as NE Region Representative for our Chapter. Dan Redy, a new and engaging CSI Member, has assumed the ro le of our Chapter's NE Region Representative and will be providing our Team/ Chapter with all the information that is coming from CSI National through the region. Dan will be a great asset to our Board this year. Dan, I will provide you with any support needed.

Increase Membership:

The last goal of our Chapter is to grow the membership of our Chapter. In our September meeting at Lutron, is appears that we are getting either 2-3 new members, with include Virginia, Devorah and David all of which have contacted me after the September Chapter meeting to request information. This is only a start, and Andrea will be engaging them to join the Chapter. Jeremy has also indicated that he will be bring in at least 5 new potential members at our monthly Chapter meetings. Our Membership Chair, Andrea should be the busiest of all the chairs with engaging the new members, reaching out to the current board members that need to renew membership, which is easy since National CSI is sending monthly reports for expiring membership.


So, I end this welcome note with the following:

  • Thank you Tom Lanzelotti for brinigng me into CSI
  • I welcome my 2017-2018 Board Members and Committee Chairs to return this Chapter to being one of the best in the Nation.
  • We are a "TEAM" and let's work together to achieve all the goals stated above.

Oliver Wilhelm AIA, CSI